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How to organize a surprise baby shower ? Baby shower planner near me advice

How to organize a surprise baby shower - Baby shower planner near me advice Baby isn't here yet, but he's already a little star in t...

How to organize a surprise baby shower - Baby shower planner near me advice
How to organize a surprise baby shower - Baby shower planner near me advice

Baby isn't here yet, but he's already a little star in the making! Girl, boy, question mark: he is the center of all attention. And it's only the beginning... So, before he arrives, why not greet the one who wouldn't have been possible: the mother! Whether you are her friend, her sister or even her darling: you are her best asset to offer her a well-deserved break. 

Discover all the tricks to organize a surprise Baby Shower !

Did you say Baby Shower Planner ?

A priori, if you came across this article, it's because you know a little bit about the concept... But you never know, maybe you arrived on this page totally by chance. From there to see a sign ... we let you judge 

In two words: a Baby Shower Planner is a prenatal celebration of Anglo-Saxon origin, celebrated in honor of the mother and the arrival of the baby.

The concept is quite simple: bring together the mother and her friends for an afternoon in a girly atmosphere to let themselves go to confidences, challenge each other around small games, while enjoying sweets at 1000 calories a bite. In short: a wonderful pretext to share a good time between moms before the big bang.

Traditionally, the party takes place "among friends": an atmosphere more conducive to confidences and sharing experiences. But nothing prevents you from inviting the future dad, the family, or friends as well.

Surprise surprise !

Some mothers want to organize their Baby Shower themselves. Others don't dare to take the step of self-celebration. Perfect: that's where you come in! Organizing a surprise baby shower is a very touching and moving initiative. Prepare the tissues, pregnancy hormones are not a legend... #duniagara Falls

Steps to a successful prenatal party

Step 1: plan the party

To organize a Baby Shower, timing is important. Because pregnancy is still a delicate period, it is advisable to plan the party for the 7th or 8th month, when both mother and baby are well. A weekend afternoon preferably.

Synchronize your watches by warning the participants 4 to 6 weeks in advance. As for a wedding, you can send nice cards that the guests will keep, but failing that, an e-mail will also do the trick.

Of course, first of all, make sure that the main interested party is available. As old as Herod, the technique of the fake dinner invitation still works. Surround yourself with accomplices!

Step 2 : find THE place

Traditionally the Baby Shower Party takes place at the home of the future parents. In the case of a surprise party, this option is quite possible, but you will have to count on the complicity of the future father to leave the field free (the decoration takes time, we'll talk about it soon).

If need be, you can organize it at a relative's home. Perfect if he has more space, or a garden for a garden party atmosphere. Some restaurants or cafes can also welcome you, but unless you privatize them, you will not be at the top of the intimacy...

Step 3: take care of the decor

The magic of the moment is very much in the decor! It is not a simple date between girlfriends in a local bouiboui. The decoration has the power to set the tone, the atmosphere, and a particular hue at this moment.

Because you have to start somewhere, we advise you to choose a theme. Try to find a world that fits the mother-to-be. It can be a color, an endearing character, a style like vintage, or more classically a gender: boy / girl ... Some even go as far as coordinating the theme with that of the room of the future baby!
One thing to remember: the main part of the decoration is the buffet. The sweets are highlighted by pretty coordinated accessories: this is called a "sweet table".

You can display balloons, banners, personalized pennants, a tablecloth, cake toppers, crockery, some fresh flowers, a diaper cake...
Imagination is your only limit! Depending on your time, you can make many decorations yourself, including the indispensable diaper cake.

The diaper cake should look like a piece of cake, but... don't panic, it's a fake cake, which is actually a stack of layers, skillfully rolled. We generally slip in small birth gifts for the mother-to-be: bodies, bottles, bibs, hats or pacifiers.
Here is a small tutorial, there are many others.
The installation of the decoration of the baby shower party requires time... To be effective on the D-day, we advise you to make preliminary tests, or to rely on a sketch.

Step 4: Charm your taste buds

In addition to being beautiful, the buffet must be good ... So we do not skimp on sweets! Cupcakes and shortbread are perfect for this occasion, put your friends to work! Also think about drinks (without alcohol for a total solidarity with the mother), and why not: a "candy bar". Nothing is too good for this happy event !
Professional tip: Always take care of the containers. The glass candy boxes of our childhood still have a little effect....

Step 5: set the pace for the day

It's quite rare to find ourselves all together, among friends...And it will be even more so after the arrival of baby....

Discussions are going well and we never get tired of gossiping about the latest gossip. However, let us recall it: a Baby Shower Planner is not a day like the others! So that this moment remains unforgettable, you can plan small games and riddles in phase with the state of mind of the future mom. And the range is wide...

Riddles are always a great success:

"but that was before": each one brings a picture of herself as a baby, and you have to make people guess who's who...
the belly circumference: each one cuts a thread that is supposed to correspond to the mother's circumference
a blind test of nursery rhymes
a quiz about this strange species called parents

Collective creations make beautiful memories:

a bodysuit to be customized with textile pens
a painting for the future baby, with photos to paste, pretty pictures, glitter etc...
the book of predictions: with all the prophecies of the aunts: "he/she will have the eyes...., the hair, will be called..., will have the character of a pig from .... »
We'll soon be concocting activity sheets and game ideas for turnkey baby showers!

If you have the budget for a photographer, why not offer the mother-to-be a photo shoot of the day! That way, each participant can enjoy the moment without having to worry about the photos.

Another nice possibility: the baby shower photo-booth! Some funny accessories at the end of a stick (bibs, pacifiers, duck for the bath., bottle...) )to be placed in front of her face for humorous photos!

DECO IDEAS FOR baby shower planner near

Baby shower planner for a girl

Mommy knows she's expecting a little girl and you want to play hard to the genre? Let's go for it: let's bring out the pink decoration, the glitter, the pastel colors... Or why not the gold pink, that elegant shade that marks the genre by distinguishing itself from the classic candy pink.

In this first example, we bet on a girly universe, pink from tablecloth to balloons! Crunchy and very tender, even more elegant with a bouquet of fresh flowers.
In this second example, a modern baby shower decoration, quite refined, with pretty golden pink balloons, and a garland matching the cake toppers.

Baby shower for a boy

Is it a little boy about to be born? We can obviously play the card of the traditional colors with blue as a common thread. But why not work with other shades: very pure white, the association with green (tender and dynamic) or pastel, soft and reassuring.

In this first example, we like the colors of the balloons (gradations of blue and gold), and this giant teddy bear that seems to fly away. The pastries are mostly blue and nicely presented in dishes on white stands.
This second one plays on more pastel shades, always with that little ultra elegant golden touch. We love bouquets of fresh flowers that add a touch of softness. See the tableware of this theme 

Mixed baby shower

Mom doesn't know - or doesn't want to reveal - the baby's sex before delivery? Never mind, this party won't be gendered! You can mix pink and blue, play with question marks like this mysterious mom... Or go for other pastel colors, or a timeless white, which remains elegant in all circumstances... Gender Reveal Party: A party to find out the sex of the baby!

On the contrary, this party is perhaps the occasion to reveal the sex of the future baby ... The suspense will be at its height for the guests ... So the decoration must follow ... Girl or boy? Boy or girl ? It will be necessary to muddy the tracks until the revelation... 

The (thorny) question of gifts

An American-style Baby Shower is not conceivable without a long session of unwrapping birth gifts, often more expensive one than the other. In France, this spirit of overbidding tends to make people uncomfortable.

To make things simpler, you can ask for a small contribution from the guests which will be used to pay for the decoration, the buffet, or even a small symbolic gift to the mother-to-be (beauty salon treatment, costume jewelry...) or a photo session with the father-to-be, while waiting for the happy event!

If the mother has already distributed a birth list, you can also contribute to buy a piece together. Some organizers prefer to leave the guests completely free. In this case, plan a space to deposit the gifts.

The little extras of a successful Baby Shower

As for a wedding, you can thank the participants by offering them a small souvenir gift: a bag of pretty candies (favorites for the old-fashioned candies), small chocolates wrapped in transparent paper and tied with a ribbon. The must of the must: make your own labels!
Take a maximum of pictures, especially if you make a photo-booth and don't forget to immortalize your baby shower decoration ! And finally, for the atmosphere, plan a small collective playlist, via Spotify for example.

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