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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Keto Diet Meals and Keto Diet Menus -Best low carb fast food 2020

Advantages and Disadvantages Keto Meal or Ketogenic Diet Menus: Notice 2020

What is a Keto diet and why not a keto diet and what are our opinions about it? Do you want to know what foods are allowed in the Keto diet? The ketosis condition offers a number of benefits in terms of weight loss. But the Keto diet is also controversial and is to be distinguished from a carbohydrate-restricted diet. What makes the Keto diet so unique? Keto Meal Diet: What are the great recipes for the Keto Diet? What if the Keto diet is dangerous to health? What are the positive and negative opinions on the Keto diet? Permitted and prohibited foods of the Keto diet.

A scientific report reveals that the Keto diet, which is largely fat-free and carbohydrate-dependent, would result in greater and more consistent fat loss than fat-free diets.

How does it work? To work, the body needs three types of food fuels: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. When the carbohydrates are reduced quite a bit - as they are with the Keto diet - the liver starts to make ketones from the body's fat or fat reserves. It is said that the body is in "ketosis": it becomes a machine to "burn" your fat. Ketones become the main source of energy for the majority of our cells. This change occurs on average between two years and four days after the adoption of the diet, Keto Diet Menus.
The Keto diet (very low in carbohydrates, Keto Meal Regime, fats) is followed in epileptics, endurant people who have been diagnosed with cancer (see the book The Keto Diet against Cancer), however also people suffering from neurodegenerative disorders, such as Keto Diet Menus, the result Dr. Michèle Serrand in Alzheimer's Disease, and if there was a treatment? It is an interesting therapeutic diet, but quite restrictive.

Principles Keto Diet Menus : What to choose ?

The Keto diet is a special diet that has been used for therapeutic purposes for over 90 years. It has been extensively projected and tested (successfully) in children with epilepsy. Today, it is prescribed to a large number of epileptic patients, adolescents and adults alike, who are treated in French hospitals such as Necker. This diet is today experiencing a revival of interest because of its therapeutic potential in some Keto Diet Menus neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, brain lesions during cerebrovascular surprises (stroke), but also diabetes and cancer.

What is ketosis? Ketosis is the state in which the body begins to use fat as its main source of energy. The body then becomes quite efficient at burning fat for energy. Regime Keto Meal, This process allows you to decrease your insulin testimony to stimulate fat burning.

The Keto Diet has Keto Diet Menus also less obvious benefits. Eliminating (simple) carbohydrates from your diet provides an opportunity to reduce your blood sugar levels. Since the Keto diet is composed mainly of lipids, it also provides great satiety. A diet that mimics the effects of fasting: During fasting, the effect of glucose in the blood decreases (hypoglycemia).Regime Keto Meal, Glucose is the major element of the muscles but especially of the brain. The body adapts to the deprivation of food (and thus glucose) by mobilizing its energy reserves: it draws from the fatty tissue fats that the liver transforms into ketone bodies.

What does this diet consist of? We get our energy from our food and mainly from three categories of keto food:

carbohydrates: starches (potatoes, rice, wheat and other cereals),
sugar, and vegetables ;
fats (or lipids): oils, butter, margarine, fresh cream, nuts; proteins: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products.
Proteins: Moderate insulin production, Maximum satiety, Fat: Minimum insulin production, Moderate satiety, Carbohydrates: Maximum insulin production, Minimum satiety, Our diet today includes, in calories, about 50% carbohydrates, 35% fat and 15% protein. Conversely, the Keto diet has a super sprinkling of carbohydrates. It consists almost of fats and proteins (at a dose of 1 g for a considerable kilo of body weight),Keto Diet Menus, the objective being to draw our energy from glucose but from fats by ketone bodies. In the Keto diet, the diet should contain roughly 90% fat, 8% protein and 2% carbohydrates.Regime Keto Meal.

In the short term, the transition from a conventional diet to a Keto diet will cause nausea, constipation, fatigue, head crosses, cramps, bad breath... All these inconveniences are mainly related to dehydration. "With this diet, the body is forced to use its glucose reserves", explains Pr Luc Cynober.Regime Keto Meal. "But in the muscle, glucose is stored with water. Its use thus leads to an elimination of water which contributes to weight loss but also to dehydration". This diet, which emphasizes a reduction in the consumption of vegetables and fruit, can also lead to deficiencies. "There is a deficit in vitamins, minerals and fiber," says Professor Cynober. Hence the need to confer with a dietician or a nutritionist doctor before embarking on a response company.

Recommendations and Precautions: What is Keto Diet Menus and Keto Meal Regime?

Consisting of limiting all gold plus the intake of carbohydrates and sugars, to further support lipids (fats) and proteins, the Keto diet is in vogue among many stars, which rarely offer an impressive essential loss.

The advantage of the Keto diet, at the same time, is the limitation of the loss of busy muscle mass (especially muscle), the body always feeds properly in energy quantity but unevenly in quality, which is also one of the great differences from diets aimed at large loss with hypocaloric tendency, Keto Diet Menus.

However, this diet is different from most other diets, which advocate limiting fat intake and eating more protein. Despite this, the Keto Diet would be better for weight loss and for maintaining weight loss over time, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

What are the great virtues of the Keto Meal Regimen and the Keto Diet meal plan?

Teaching the body to draw energy from fat, thus leads to a consistency over the longer term (therefore sought after in athletes performing endurance games such as running).
Allows a more stable blood glucose level but also a lower production of insulin in the pancreas, thus useful in health problems such as headaches associated with hypoglycemia or type II diabetes.
In case of cancer, limits the spread of cancer cells that feed mainly on sugar (glucose) In case of epilepsy or Alzheimer's, gives the opportunity for stabilization of the disease by reducing inflammation of the brain (associated with permanently high sugar binding, therefore high blood glucose, an increase in glycated proteins and an increase in insulin secretion, which occupies the synthesis of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids such as prostaglandins).
Keto Meal Regime, May allow a slight weight loss on the long term.
How does the Keto diet work? Why does a Keto diet make you lose weight? Daily consumption of large amounts of simple sugars leads to a loss of insulin sensitivity. Insulin plays a major role in fat storage. Since the body can only store a limited amount of glucose, a surplus leads to the stimulation of fat mass. Excluding your carbohydrates from your daily diet or chance Regime Keto Meal from high-fat food leads to a loss of your insulin denunciation and improves your insulin specificity. Your body goes into ketosis and burns fat more efficiently.

Keto Diet Meals and Keto Diet Menus - best low carb fast food
Can you rely on the Keto diet, which is carbohydrate needy and high in fat, when you want to lose weight? For the moment, althoughKeto Diet Menus the promises of the Keto diet are expanding (weight loss, however also cancer, Alzheimer's disease, etc. ...), it should be remembered that its effectiveness has only been rationally proven in epilepsy.

For their part, after having long advised a diet super rich in carbohydrates (50 to 55%), and indigent in fat (30 to 35%) French health authorities have recently made recommendations that are close to that of LaNutrition, let's admit forty to 55% of caloric intake of carbohydrates, 35 to 40% in the form of lipids and 10 to 20% of protein. Now in the Keto diet, speaks of 70 to 80% lipids, 20 to 25% protein and 5 to 10% carbohydrates (20 to 50 grams of carbohydrates in a day).
Positive and negative opinions on Keto Diet Menus or Keto Meal Regime 2020
THE Keto DIET, WHAT IS IT? On the other hand, in terms of weight loss, this diet seems to be proven, since researchers have reported a large loss of up to 45 kilos in different patients, without significant recovery afterwards.

How does the Keto diet work? The goal of the Keto diet has never been so simple: to decrease all gold plus glucose (the primary source of energy for our cells) to force the body to go find its energy in fat, as well as fasting. To summarize the catabolism process, when the body no longer has access to glucose to produce its energy, it begins the process of neoglucogenesis (to form glucose from fatty acids or amino acids) to actually bring glucose to the vermeil plots (which absolutely need it to function).

Here are the main reasons for which the Keto diet leads to a great loss:

The Keto diet reduces insulin production and provides an opportunity to control blood glucose levels.
Eating more protein and fat leads to faster and longer lasting satiety.
The satiety caused by a diet rich in protein and lipids gives the opportunity to lower the daily caloric intake, which eventually leads to weight loss.
The body starts to attract its energy mainly in our fat, which leads to burning more body fat.
Another advantage of the Keto diet is that ketosis inhibits the secretion of ghrelin.
How long does the Keto diet last? The Keto diet specific to heavy loss has no time limit. It is more suitable for a lifestyle than a fixed-term diet. When practiced in the therapeutic field, the Keto diet is a variable duration from several weeks to several years depending on the expected results.

The Keto diet and why not the keto diet (or LCHF for Low Carb High Fat) is a rather narrow diet aiming to consume quite a few carbohydrate food products (such as fresh fruit raw, cooked, dried ... starchy foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, pasta, rice ...), bread, legumes (split peas, white beans, flageolets ...) ... finished safe wholeRegime Keto Meals sweet products) and, conversely, to ingest a lot of foods rich in fat (butter, vegetable oils, protein-rich fruits, cheese, cream, fatty fish, eggs, deli meats ...).

Thus, for a daily diet of 2000 calories, 1600 calories should come from fat, 300 to 400 calories from protein and 100 to 200 calories from carbohydrates. If we consider that 1 g of fat is worth 9 calories and that 1 g of protein as well as carbohydrates is worth 4 calories, Regime Keto Repas an individual following a Keto diet could eat only 25 to 50 g of carbohydrates daily for 75-100 g of protein and 178 g of fat. Just for comparison, 1 apple contains an average of 20 g of carbohydrates!
The Main Principles of the Keto Diet Menus | Regime Keto Meals
Decompose fat: Because limiting the number of carbohydrates on your plate and actually adding fat to it is not enough. This diet is extremely strict. To reach the Keto state, it is thus necessary to follow it to the letter, and to eat a lot of carbohydrates, a lot of fat, and a lot of protein. This means that the carbohydrate intake must be maintained at around 20 a little a day, let's say the equivalent of an apple for short. In less than a week, blood sugar levels stabilize and insulin Regime Keto Repaseffect falls. Without carbohydrates, the liver breaks down fats and converts them into energy. It thus produces compounds called ketone bodies that have several effects, including reducing hunger.

Dietician's opinion on the Keto diet, This diet does not frankly respect the basic methods of a balanced diet. It excludes many groups and seems to forget the notion of pleasure. The withdrawal of cereal products, legumes and legumes lead to several deficiencies especially in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants which play many roles on health. However, it is difficult to deny the proven positive effects that this diet seems to have on health. If it is difficult to recommend it for the moment because of its very restrictive character, many studies in progress should make it possible to see a clearer suspicion in the years to come,Regime Keto Repas.

  • Danger #1: Fatigue; It is plausible that you may lack energy during the initial days of the Keto diet. You may feel tired and listless (this is called Keto flu). This is not surprising since the body adapts to this diet composed almost exclusively of lipid proteins. Your body can take up to 2 weeks before allowing Regime Keto Meal to fully tow its energy from fat.
  • Danger #2: Constipation; The Keto Diet will lead to constipation. Not everyone suffers from it, however the risk does exist. Fortunately, this is usually temporary and you can remedy it with good hydration, magnesium supplements and a high intake of petrol (1 to 3 g depending on the day).
  • Danger n°3: Water loss; It is true that the Keto diet causes you to lose a lot Keto Regime Meal because the body is forced to burn fat to create energy. But in addition to fat loss, water loss also plays an important role. Carbohydrates retain water in the body. Eliminating carbohydrates from your diet will therefore result in water loss. This also means that as soon as you eat carbohydrate-rich meals again, water retention will resume.
  • Danger #4: Vitamin and mineral deficiency; When you are on a Keto diet, you are confined to an extremely low carbohydrate diet. elimination of fruit, which is one of the excellent carbohydrate sources in the healthy keto diet. A medium sized strand provides 33 g of carbohydrates. This is enough to quickly exceed 50 g of carbohydrates in a day. Avoid and vegetables lead to a lack of essential nutrients you need to stay healthy.

This is not the ideal diet if you lead an active life. It is difficult to combine it with intensive sports practice, such as muculation, gymnastics and why not split training. Training without carbohydrates provides the much more strenuous sessions.

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