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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

SOME GIFT IDEAS FOR NEW YORK Kids And Lovers - 18 Inch Dolls, Furniture, Clothing, Books & more !

SOME GIFT IDEAS FOR NEW YORK Kids And Lovers - 18 Inch Dolls, Furniture, Clothing, Books & more !

When you love New York City madly, you obviously also like to receive gifts... in NYC! As a great lover of New York City, I have an unconditional passion for books, guides and other stories about the Big Apple. It's not difficult for my friends and family to guess what could please me! And sometimes, we also find ourselves on the other side, wanting to make a nice gift to one of our loved ones, who also fell under the charm of the city. So today, I propose you to discover this small personalized list of gift ideas on the theme of... New York!

Whether it's for Christmas, for a birthday, before or after a trip to NYC; whether you have a big or a small budget; for man, for woman and even for children, there is something for everyone! As long as it's offered with love and that it's about New York City, it's sure to please!

To offer where to offer yourself before you leave! The New York City Travel Notebook is the ideal travel companion for all travelers visiting New York City.

  • So that you don't forget anything before you leave: organize all the stages of preparation, from several weeks before departure to D-Day.
  • So that you don't forget anything about your stay in New York City: write down your memories, your feelings, your itineraries and your visits as well as the best addresses you will have discovered (stores, restaurants...).
  • To continue to remember everything... Even long after the trip!
  • For everyone, small or big, everyone is able to fill their notebook with their own words.

This notebook is above all the fruit of our own travel experiences in New York. It is a project and a realization 100% New York Travellers: Florian had the idea of this special New York City travel notebook and I then created it from A to Z in the hope of satisfying travellers who wish to create a unique souvenir of their trip to NYC! 

Gift Ideas and Experiences in New York at low prices

Usually, when I feel like giving myself a small personal and cheap gift on New York, I give myself a book. And on the theme of New York, we are literally spoilt for choice! For example, there are many nice little books about New York and of course beautiful books with breathtaking photographs. Here is a small selection of them:

Magnolia Bakery Cookbook : Did you raid the Magnolia Bakery during your last trip to New York? No doubt, the recipe book of the famous cupcake brand will certainly delight you! Prepare yourself psychologically to soon ingest astronomical quantities of cupcakes and other cheesecakes! (Attention, the book is in English).

300 Reasons to Love New York : This colorful and very well illustrated little guide allows us to discover a selection of New York addresses and places not necessarily found in other more traditional guides. These last few years, I personally picked a good number of good addresses for my travels!

Chronicles of New York : This little book is perfect to offer to those who never read but who don't mind discovering some daily stories of a New Yorker from the beautiful neighborhoods. It's enough to dive right into the sometimes crazy lifestyle of New Yorkers. I had written an article especially for this book, to be read here.

The New York guide of the 1000 cult places of movies, series, music, comics, novels : To discover New York differently through places made famous on the screen or in music.

Les 100 mots de New York :A perfect little book to discover or rediscover the Big Apple around 100 characteristic words of the city. It is very easy to read, in order or in disorder, but the immersion in the culture and the atmosphere of New York is always there!

Shake Shack Recipes & Stories : This book tells the success story of Shake Shack, New York's unmissable fast food restaurant. Of course, we also find all the recipes that allow you to cook at home the burgers that you can enjoy on the spot... A real taste of New York in your mouth ! Attention, the book is in English.

New York à taguer  : A book like no other which proposes to tag yourself dozens of New York blackberries! This original book is sold with an opaque pen specially designed for our street art creations. A very nice way to (re)discover typical New York environments and to feel the soul of an outstanding tagger! Personally, I love to use this book to leave some artistic sweet words to my darling
Beside that, we find of course all kinds of small gifts (more or less good taste, let's be honest!) on the big apple :

gift voucher on New York at average prices

SOME GIFT IDEAS FOR NEW YORK LOVERS - 18 Inch Dolls, Furniture, Clothing, Books & more !
 A small selection of gifts to offer for all occasions:

Clothes or accessories with the effigy of the New York teams: 

The best known being without a doubt the Knicks and the Yankees. For the little anecdote, it is not even necessary to know a lot about basketball or baseball to proudly wear a Knicks cap or a Yankees sweater. Only the love of New York is enough to wear their colors! The items are sometimes a little hard to find in France, but you can still find a nice selection on Amazon :

Here for the Knicks
Here for the Yankees
Here for the Rangers

TV series integrals
And many of them are inseparable from New York, even if some of them are not necessarily filmed there. Some are cult, others a little more recent, here is a small selection:

Gossip Girl
The Vampire Diaries

New York gift for children (or older children)

Because everyone has the right to have their gift wrap!

Puzzle-3d-empire-state-building A 3D puzzle of New York's iconic monuments
For the little handymen who were lucky enough to be brought to New York by their parents (but fortunately for everyone else), give them something to keep them busy for a few hours with a 3D puzzle of the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State building.

American candy or sweets
It's well known, the United States offers absolutely crazy things to eat! Of course, this also applies to candy and confectionery. No doubt that you will fill your virtual shopping cart to the brim by following the following links:

Reese's Boutique: The emblematic brand with a thousand peanut butter-based sweets.
Gift boxes of American delicacies: A shower of M&M's, Skittles, Jelly Belly and other 100% US candies.
Harry Potter Gifts: Bertie Crochue's surprise dragees, chocolate frogs and other joyful treats!

Bonus : a free gift idea on New York City

Finally, the famous little sentimental gift! For those who have some photo or video editing skills and have already travelled to New York, take this opportunity to make a little surprise full of good memories of your trip! All you have to do is add a symbolic song for you and sprinkle it with a few small personal messages before burning it all on CD or DVD.

There you go, I hope you've found in this article what you need to give the perfect gift in New York! All occasions are good to please your loved ones, so it would be really wrong to deprive yourself of it.

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