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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

What is the best Deodorant for Women Natural and Organic? Natural deodorant lume 2020 !

Because we don't want to put anything on our armpits anymore!

Natural or even organic deodorant is the ideal alternative to escape from aluminum salts whose long-term health effects are unknown. Less effective in stopping perspiration, it eliminates perfectly the odors, which is the most important thing!

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But faced with the ever-increasing number of references, which one to choose? Here is our selection to help you find more easily the best natural and organic deodorant for women!

Schmidt's Overall rating : 4.5 / 5 | Price : View price on Amazon

Shmidt's deodorant has deliberately opted for the stick format in order to be compact and to be easily stored in a handbag, for example, if you need to take it with you. Formulated from 100% natural ingredients, it contains no aluminum salts or artificial fragrance. Scented with bergamot and lemon, these essential oils are known for their disinfectant properties to combat bad odours caused by perspiration. But it also contains arrowroot powder to provide absorption of perspiration as well as odor control!

Our opinion: This Shmidt's is a deodorant whose scent is very much appreciated, which stays on all day long, which is really good! Its 100% natural composition really allows it to neutralize all the smells of perspiration (we didn't smell anything anymore), but on the other hand, we have to put a damper on the absorption of the sweat which was not hyper effective... But when we decide to say no to aluminum salts, it is a compromise that we have to accept. During the first applications, you have to get used to its rather granular texture, but afterwards, it is a deodorant that keeps all its promises!

Saltz - Alum stone Overall rating : 4.5 / 5 | Price : View price on Amazon

The spray Saltz Alum stone deodorant makes it easier to take advantage of this stone known for hundreds of years for its benefits on the skin, and especially for its ability to actively fight against bacteria that are sources of bad odors. This spray therefore allows throughout the day to keep armpits fresh, even if no perfume is added, always with the aim of remaining as natural as possible. In the formula of this deodorant, there are no harmful ingredients (aluminum chlorhydrate, paraben, alcohol, etc.), which is ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive!

Our opinion: This Saltz Pierre d'Alun deodorant spray is a very good alternative for all women who have not been convinced by the alum stone stick. Thanks to this packaging, the application is much more practical, and the effects on perspiration are exactly the same. The pores are naturally tightened to reduce the amount of perspiration, and the perspiration present does not feel anything at all! Even if we would have liked a small natural perfume, it is a deodorant that works well, not too expensive, and that we can therefore adopt very quickly!

Ballpoint pen General Note : 4.5 / 5

The Saltz Pierre d'Alun ball deodorant also highlights the benefits of alum stone in the management of perspiration. This stone, naturally antiseptic and astringent, destroys the bacteria responsible for the appearance of unpleasant odors while at the same time tightening (but not clogging) the pores of the skin to reduce the flow of perspiration. 100% natural and fragrance-free, this deodorant does not contain any chemical or toxic ingredients, such as aluminum salts, paraben or alcohol, in order to totally respect the skin under the armpits, even when it is very sensitive.

Our opinion: This Alum Stone Ball Saltz has a formula almost identical to the spray: it's just the packaging that differs. For women who prefer roll-on deodorants, this version of the product is to be preferred since the effects are exactly the same. While remaining on a completely natural product, perspiration is slightly reduced (the armpits can still be wet from time to time) and odors are completely eliminated! The format is practical, the formula is respectful of the skin and the price is just as interesting... it is a deodorant that has everything to convince!

Clémence & Vivien Overall rating : 4.5 / 5

The Clémence & Vivien deodorant comes in the form of a 100% natural and 88% organic balm, without aluminum and preservatives. Formulated with essential oils of sage, peppermint and rosemary, bacterial neutralizing powders, organic shea butter and organic apricot vegetable oil for a little more softness, it has a creamy and non-greasy texture that leaves no trace on clothes. Ideal to fight naturally against the odors of perspiration, it is applied directly with the fingers on the armpits: a very small quantity of balm is enough to make this 50 ml jar economical!

Our opinion: The deodorant balm is a solution that we rarely think of, and yet it is a very effective alternative to fight against perspiration odors without using chemicals. This Clémence & Vivien deodorant proves it with its perfectly balanced formula that also features ingredients from organic farming. It is a detail that we appreciated a lot, especially since the effectiveness of this balm was very good and we liked its fragrance! When we can combine respect for the planet and respect for our skin, it is useless to hesitate!

GreenDoor Overall rating : 4.5 / 5 | Price : See price on Amazon

GreenDoor deodorant is a cream formulated from babassu oil known for its antibacterial properties. Associated one with organic shea butter and organic cocoa butter for more softness and nourishing aloe vera, it is thus able to fight effectively against the bacteria present at the level of the armpits, bacteria which are responsible for the appearance of the odors at the time of perspiration. 100% natural, paraben-free and without aluminum salt, this deodorant is easily applied directly with the finger. It was moreover conceived not to leave traces: if a white film forms on the armpit, it is necessary to reduce the quantity of cream applied!

Our opinion: This GreenDoor is a natural and partly organic deodorant that we first liked very much for its very home-made packaging and its pleasant fragrance. But when we started to use it, we also appreciated the fact that it perfectly managed the smell of perspiration. Then yes, it leaves the armpits wet when it is a little hot or in case of stress, but the odors do not appear, which is the main thing! The formula can also be examined with confidence, and it is therefore a natural deodorant that we can absolutely recommend!

S&B - Pierre d'Alun en stick Overall score : 4 / 5

The S&B Pierre d'Alun deodorant stick is the other alternative to take advantage of the benefits of alum stone in terms of bacteria elimination. After running a light trickle of water over it, this stone is activated and simply rubbed against the armpits to prevent the appearance of odors. Thanks to its astringent properties, the pores of the skin are also tightened, which avoids the presence of too much moisture that can be just as annoying in everyday life! Presented in a compact format, this stick is proposed in a set of 3.

Our opinion: Although we like the alum stone for its natural ability to prevent odors and reduce perspiration, we must admit that we were not a big fan of this packaging in stick form, which is not the most practical and elegant for a woman! Although at the level of the results, we have nothing to reproach it, this deodorant did not succeed in making us forget the spray and the roll-on with alum stone that we had already tested. But as all the tastes are in the nature and that it is really completely natural, it is a deodorant that we cannot disqualify!

So'Bio Etic Overall rating : 4 / 5

The So'Bio Etic comes in the form of a ball deodorant, known as roll-on. If it thus makes more practical the application, its assets do not stop there since it has a natural formula with 99% and that it contains 25% of ingredients resulting from the organic farming. It is in particular the donkey's milk and the aloe vera which were selected for their protective and soothing capacity. But this deodorant designed for normal to fragile skin is also able to absorb moisture and fight against the smell of perspiration. Quick drying, it leaves no trace on clothes and has a natural fragrance with fresh scents!

Our opinion: The So'Bio Etic deodorant left us rather perplexed. If its natural formula seems to inspire confidence, it still contains sodium benzoate, and to find a preservative/additive, even in minute quantities, in a care that we want to be as healthy as possible, is always quite disturbing! It does not prevent this deodorant from remaining effective, but still more for the elimination of odors than for the fight against humidity. Faced with all the natural and sometimes organic deodorants available, it would not be our first choice, but it is not to be left aside either since its price is interesting!


Lume Natural Deodorant without aluminum, without baking soda, hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin 
Rating : 4 / 5

Lume Deodorant for armpits and private parts Tube 90 ml Jasmine pink
Rating : 4 / 5
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