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Metformin weight loss | The story of a ProVen weight loss

M inus 23 kg in 2 months, it's quite real! Here is my experience: I reveal my secret slimming and good mood. Metformin weight loss | Th...

Minus 23 kg in 2 months, it's quite real! Here is my experience: I reveal my secret slimming and good mood.

Metformin weight loss | The story of a weight loss
Metformin weight loss | The story of a weight loss

Welcome to my blog! Only 3 months ago, I was as fat as a whale, but thanks to my daughter, I refined my figure and found a new relationship. It is an extraordinary drink with a smaragdin green color and an intense taste. I will tell you everything from the beginning.

I am a little over 40 years old. I have been a widow for a year. I have a daughter and a son. Agnes is married, she lives in another city. Alexis is studying at the university. They rarely come to see me together. I lost the meaning of my life after the death of my husband. I became a robot, I went to work in the morning, I came home at night, I was too exhausted to prepare food, so I ate fast food and home-delivered junk food.

When Agnes came to see me after a few months, she didn't recognize me. She found an obese woman, weighing in at 90 kilos instead of her slim, smiling mother (she told me later). She began to convince me that my life wasn't over, that I was still young. That all I had to do was get thinner and go to a stylist to change my wardrobe, to be happy again. Agnes followed me for several days, repeating it over and over again. I finally gave in and accepted what this voice of reason was proposing to me.

My daughter breathed a sigh of relief and took out a green-white package from her suitcase. She explained to me that it was ProVen . It is a natural matcha green tea, prepared according to a Japanese recipe, in powder form, which is brewed. She heated some water and made us a green drink that smells very good. I found the taste good too, it is easy to drink. This tea gave me a feeling of lightness, I didn't feel tired anymore. The reason is its rich composition: chlorophyll, catechins, riboflavin, L-theanine, theophylline, taurine and citric acid extract.

I started every morning with a cup of this blue-green drink. A week later, I noticed that my favorite suit had become too big. On the scale, I saw that I lost 4 kg. That excited me. Eight days later, already minus 5 kg. In the first month I lost 16 kg, in the second month I lost another 7 kg.

I went to the stylist, changed my hairstyle, then I spent a fortune to update my wardrobe: finally it was Agnes who helped me. A few weeks after my miraculous transformation, I met a very nice man in a café. I learned that he was 50 years old and that he was a widower. Yves offered to see me again. We started a relationship. A month later, he asked me to marry him.

I bought myself a beautiful dress. My best man at the wedding was my daughter Agnes. Now, I am very happy, it seems like it is my second youth. My husband and I are going on a honeymoon.

Anyway, what do I want to tell you? Ladies, don't despair and don't cling to the past. Life is too short to spend it in anxiety and misery, trapped in an ugly body that is not yours. Free yourself from the extra pounds and become truly happy, beautiful and desirable.

I almost forgot. My first box of ProVen  finished very quickly. My daughter told me where to buy it. Here is the link to the official store. Except be careful, there are a lot of counterfeits. Don't risk your health and beauty, buy ProVen  only from the official manufacturer.

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