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About Us

 At Paraice, we believe that learning good eating habits starts with the first spoons. diversity are therefore at the center of our priorities. 

We prefer to use natural ingredients in our baby food, prepared with the greatest care and without unnecessary additions. 

With practical solutions adapted to your child's age group and to the dynamics of your daily life, we help you to help your child discover and appreciate a varied and balanced diet.

  • At Paraice We'll share with you all the information about the mom & baby care the news about the fashion also the natural product
  • Also we add the source of the information to make sure give you the right info

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Our content

We write our own content, but we also choose to use or adapt existing, high-quality content produced by credible and recognized organizations. As our publications develop, we will continue to focus on partnership opportunities with individual and corporate experts to provide the community with high quality scientific information on early childhood.
  • The texts published are written according to a methodology that aims to produce documents that provide accurate, practical, to the point information and incorporate the significant results of scientific research.
  • The editors consult several sources of information. References appear at the end of the texts to allow the reader to continue reading. Before being published, the content is even reviewed by an independent expert. In addition, all Web content is subject to an ongoing review process.
  • The way we write the texts respects our philosophy, which is to provide information to parents so that they can make their own decisions. We provide them with information and tools - not rules about how to raise a child.
We don't expect parents to be perfect, and we know we're not either! We also know that every family is unique and that some content may not represent the exact reality of every child, every parent and every family! Help us make Birth and Growth the resource you need! If you like or dislike something in Birth and Growth, or if you think something is missing, please let us know. You can send us your comments by clicking on the contact us link.
We hope that the content we offer you will facilitate your role as a parent and educator and that we can grow together! 

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